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"My son was enrolled in the Day Treatment Program after having numerous altercations and behavioral issues at school. The staff helped him learn self-control, anger management, dealing with peers, and other self-help things. Before Day Treatment I felt helpless and feared I had nowhere to turn. Since attending Day Treatment we have noticed a big change in our son. He not only communicates better at home, but his attitude in school has changed wonderfully.
I believe if not for the chance to attend Day Treatment, his issues would have continued to escalate and we would not have the dedicated and respectful son we have today."

ACT Day Treatment

"My family and I became involved with the Day Treatment Program when our son was placed on probation. I can tell you that from the program our family greatly benefited from it. A few things we learned were how to communicate as a family, how to hold our son accountable for his actions, how to work together as parents. Before the program our son was headed in the wrong direction. He is more respectful, he goes to school daily, and does his chores at home. This program is a very important asset to our community.
The staff are essential to families and children."

ACT Day Treatment

"I don't know where to begin... my name is Marissa and I'm a Christamore Graduate! At first I never thought Christamore would help me because I was involved in other programs before I arrived at Christamore. I thought it was nothing but a JOKE. After my first week there I started to realize in my heart Christamore was there to HELP me. I was abused and the kind of person who acted out in aggressive ways. They worked with me to understand there are other ways to react to negative feelings and actions. I have made so much progress it is UNBELIEVABLE. I used to attack people and blame everything on them, never taking accountability for myself. Now I am able to realize enough is enough. I used to have a terrible attitude, I used to tell people that I could not control it. Now my attitude has made a huge improvement. I learned so many new things at Christamore its unbelievable. Once again I wanted to thank you, Christamore... And especially [my Caseworker and the Youth Care Workers], they were a big help in my life. If it was not for them I could have never completed the program like I did.
They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.. Thanks!"

Christamore Family Treatment Center, Residential

"When I first arrived at Christamore, I thought to myself, "What did I just get myself into." I was shocked to think that I really messed up this time. Before arriving at Christamore I struggled with anger issues, impulsive thoughts and actions, the death of my grandmother, my mother struggling with drugs and alcohol, problems from my past and disregard for authority. About half way through my treatment I felt like I hit a wall and I just wanted out. My mother was struggling with drugs and alcohol and not getting the help she needs. I was ok with doing just enough to get by. However, all this changed when my mother admitted herself into a rehab facility. I felt if she was going to get the help she needed, it was time for me to focus on what I needed to do so I can be ready to graduate. I feel that I have made major improvements on my anger management, impulse control, accepting my grandmother's death, better communication skills with my mother and resolving family problems.
I'm thankful for all the help that I received while at Christamore and all the tools I now have in my tool box to use for the rest of my life."

Christamore Family Treatment Center, Residential

"The Brief Intensive Services Program was a "Life Saver" for our daughter and our family. When we started the BIS Program, we were at our wits end and looking for out of the home options for our daughter. After having the BIS Program and [our Caseworker] work with our daughter, she learned to deal with her behaviors in appropriate manners and became well-adjusted at home, at school and in the community. Our daughter still refers to [Caseworker] as "the teacher who helped me behave." She often wants us to call her to let her know how well she is doing and that she is being a good girl.
I don't know what our family would have done without this valuable program."

Brief Intensive Services

"Living at Woodlands detached me from Davenport and any and all foundation, which made me... me, resulting in making myself self¬sufficient in all aspects. The lessons you taught me went beyond drug abuse. You simply told me there was more to life and of course I could do anything! I believed you. I know sometimes counselors say such things to motivate their patients, but I took it as pure honesty. Thank you. Throughout my post-Woodlands life I've used so many tools just to get by day to day.
The impact you all made on me was life changing. You made a difference."

Woodlands Treatment Center, Residential

Hear Me Out

"I was abused; to be abused is very HEARTBREAKING it also is SAD. No matter how hard you try to forget about it, it never seems to go away. I am a young victim of abuse. I know what it feels like to be abused. It SUCKS!!!!! It is HURTFUL and EMBRASSASSING to tell anyone and it is also very DISAPPOINTING. Abuse leaves a lifelong SCAR no matter who you are. Abuse will always be remembered by you it does not matter if you are the abuser or if you have been abused. It also can be DEPRESSING and STRESSFUL and PAINFUL. Abuse is also SCARY you remain SHY and DEPRESSED. Everybody is different. I am the kind of person who acts out in AGGRESSION I also BLAME myself for what happened and I do stuff I know is not okay or right to do. Abuse CRUSHED me and I am just trying to find the real me and ACCEPT what happened and stop BLAMING myself and to stop letting it get the best of me because I am better than this. I just need to keep moving forward and stop REGRETTING the past because I have the future. Abuse not only RUINED me it HURT my family too. When I was abused I was young and TERRIFIED and I was WORRIED to tell anyone so I kept letting it go on which was not the right thing to do. I was young and I did not know right from wrong and only because I was THREATENED by the abuser."

Written By: CFTC Client 2012



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