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During times of crisis or difficult circumstances, coping with everyday tasks can be overwhelming. Young House Family Services has an array of programs to assist families resolve conflicts and improve communication. The programs of Young House Family Services nurture each child’s potential to succeed, and each family’s ability to heal. We have both office-based and in-home services available to help children, adults and families.


Christamore Celebrates Talents at Family Fun Day

Every quarter for the past 2 years, the Christamore Family Treatment Center has been hosting Family Fun Day for the clients and family members of the residential program. With funds raised by the clients and staff by means of “Tips Nights” and various other fundraisers the program provides a meal and fun activity encouraging family involvement, engagement and relationship building. Family Fun Days have included Bingo Nights, Minute to Win It games, Holiday Open Houses and more recently a Family Talent Show. On June 20th, Christamore provided dinner and show featuring the various talents of the clients and their families. The show highlighted a number of talents ranging from guitar solos, painting, improve, skateboarding, and singing. This event has been successful in building supportive relationship and promoting family engagement.

AMP (Achieving Maximum Potential)

Check out the AMP (Achieving Maximum Potential) website:! Young House subcontracts with YSS (Youth and Shelter Services) in Ames to facilitate two AMP Chapters in Southeast Iowa. The AMP motto is: “Nothing About Us, Without Us.” The program works to empower youth, ages 13-18, who are involved in foster care, residential care, adoption or out of home placements by giving them a voice. AMP youth are always exploring ways to give back to the community. If you are in need of help with a community project or would like to provide refreshments for an AMP meeting, contact the YHFS AMP facilitator, Miranda Messenger by
Email: email

PIHP (Pediatric Integrated Health Program)

Enrollment into the Young House Pediatric Integrated Health Program (PIHP) is well under way! The PIHP team has been hard at work informing clients and the members of our communities about the wonderful benefits of the program and has started enrolling members into PIHP. As of July 1st, PIHP has enrolled 85 members and is well on their way to their goal of 400 members by October 1st, 2014.

PHIP has also added several new members to the team! Abby West has been hired as the Nurse Coordinator. Abby worked for the Des Moines County Public Health Department for the last 18 years. She has a great deal of experience providing health promotion and educational programming to children and adults. Heidi Swenson has been hired as a Family Support Specialist. Heidi is advocating within the school system and understands the Individual Education Program quite well. Monica Bowlyow has also been hired as a Family Support Specialist. Monica is a graduate of both SCC and Iowa Wesleyan College. She has experience working with children and families. Feel free to stop by, say hi and welcome them to the Young House family! We are excited to welcome all three of these new employees to our PIHP.

Family Team Decision Making

The Family Team Decision Making Meeting is a comprehensive process for engaging families upon entry into the child welfare system which includes parents, children, extended family members, and support persons as defined by the family to find strength-based, permissible solutions to situations that the family is currently engaged in. The YHFS Facilitator is a neutral person, who organizes, prepares for, conducts, and reports on all activities involved in a Family Team Meeting. These services are provided through a contract with Young House Family Services and the Iowa Department of Human Services. Young House Family Services currently has 3 Family Team Meeting Facilitators who facilitate Family Team Decision Making Meetings for DHS in Quad County area including Louisa, Des Moines, Henry and Lee County. These Facilitators include Julie Fitzpatrick, Carrie Yates and Rita Vineyard who is celebrating 25 years of service with YHFS in July 2014!




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