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      Young House Family Services Mission Statement
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    Locations for Young House Family Services Programs
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    These are services that are available directly to the family.
    • Counseling
      Community Counseling Services are designed for crisis management and intervention, and include comprehensive assessments to evaluate the emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of each client.
    • Youth Empowerment
      Youth Empowerment provides resources, skills and support youth need to succeed in the community.
      • AMP
        AMP is a youth-driven, statewide group that seeks to unleash the full potential for personal growth among foster and adoptive children in Iowa.
      • RISE
        The RISE Program is a school-based program that provides individualized counseling services within the school setting to students.
      • After Care Services and PAL Program
        ACS and PAL provides services for youth who have turned 18 while residing in foster care.
      • Female Specific Life Skills
        Female Specific Life Skills strives to enhance interpersonal adjustment, reduce law violations and prevent out-of-home placements for teenage girls in Des Moines County.
    • Strengthing Families
      Strengthing Families are programs to help families achieve safety, stability and well-being.
      • Behavioral Health Intervention Services
        BHIS provides intensive skill-development, counseling and referral services to families who are experiencing challenges with their child’s disruptive behaviors connected to mental health needs.
      • Brief Intensive Services
        Brief Intensive Services provide in-home counseling services to families who are experiencing challenges with their child’s disruptive behaviors or mental health needs.
      • Preschool Program
        The Preschool Program provides in-home family focused services to parents of preschool children.
    • Substance Abuse
      Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC) provide services to adolescents experiencing drug or alcohol problems, addiction, and alcoholism.
    • Adoption
      Services include home studies and post-placement services.
    • IMPACT Program
      Initiating Meaningful Partnerships and Community Ties, the goals of the program are to assist families in connecting to services, programs and community resources.
    • Building Bridges
      This is a community uniting to impact the futures of our neighbors and friends who are caught trying to survive in the daily struggles of poverty.
  • Help Us
    We welcome volunteers and donors to become partners with us. With your support we can continue to help those who need us.
    • Donate Online
      Young House Family Services depends on the generosity of donors who support our agency and that can now be done online.
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      What ways are there to get involved.
    • Planned Giving
      How Can I Help Young House Family Services?
    • Wish List
      Items can be brought to the Young House Family Services Central Office during regular business hours.
    • Volunteer
      There are many ways you can help one is through volunteer opportunities.
  • Join Us
    • Working at YHFS
      Young House Family Services offers a competitive benefits package for both full time and part time employees.
    • Job Postings
      Employment Opportunities at Young House Family Services
    • Donor Spotlight
      It is only through the continued generosity of our supporters that we can continue to provide life-changing programs and services throughout Southeast Iowa.
    • Testimonials
      Testimonials from the youth and families that we have provided services.
    • Events
      Upcoming Events
  • Trauma Informed Care
    Being Trauma Informed means taking the knowledge of how trauma impacts and applying it to our interactions with those we come into relationship with.
  • Our Programs
    The programs of Young House Family Services nurture each child’s potential to succeed, and each family’s ability to heal.
    • Building Better Futures
      Provides services to adolescents involved with Juvenile Court Services or referred by a School District.
      • Youth Monitoring Outreach
        Provides intensive guidance and monitoring of adolescents involved with Juvenile Court Services.
      • Enhanced Outreach
        Provides in-home services including individual and family counseling, skill development and supervision to adolescents involved with Juvenile Court Services.
      • ACT Day Treatment
        An after school program that focuses on teaching and building skills such as anger management, coping, social skills and communication.
      • Community Service/Restitution
        Provides supervision and work opportunities for youth who are sentenced to community restitution hours by either the Juvenile Court Officer or a Court Judge.
    • Juvenile Court School Liaison Program
      Operates in three locations; Burlington, Mt. Pleasant and Keokuk. The Liaisons work closely with Juvenile Court Officers and school personnel.
    • Van Buren School Based Counseling Services
      Provides mental health consultation, assessment, diagnosis and related follow up services by licensed mental health professionals to Van Buren School District students.
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    Our Newsletter and Events


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