RISE Program



Students participating in the RISE Program are challenged to become: Respectful Individuals who are Strong and Empowered, not only in the classroom but in all aspects of their lives.


The RISE Program is a school-based program that provides individualized counseling services within the school setting to students who are refferred by school personnel, and who could benefit from one-on-one services with a licensed counselor

The prupose of the RISE Program is to offer counseling services to the student and support to the family in order to stabilize and/or improve academic efforts.

The counseling process is intended to strengthen the student's overall level of emotional, behavioral, and social functioning and to support academic performance in order to promote a successful school year.

Counseling services may also be provided in response to or in conjunction with other more intensive services to address complex issues. The intensity and duration os service is determined by the sudent's need and available agency resources.

Coordination of services and ongoing collaboration with service providers are key elements in providing quality services to the students involved in the counseling program.

The RISE Program is able to offer services through funding provided by the Burlington/West Burlington Area United Way, Inc.


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