How Can I Get Involved?

Kids deserve a chance...

So many of the kids we serve, through no fault of their own, are victims of abuse - sexual, physical and emotional. Some have been abandoned, others institutionalized. Countless live with a single parent, while others live in poverty. Many suffer from behavioral problems, substance abuse and even mental illness. We’ve seen it all, and for a child it’s a future without hope. But with your help, we can change that.

Young House Family Services provides these kids and their families with something positive and permanent - something they can hold on to and feel good about - something no one can ever take from them. Like a future filled with promise, with healing and with wholeness, not the one they are living today of sadness and despair.

How can we do it? Together.

We welcome volunteers and donors to become partners with us. With your support we can continue to help those who need us. Each week, Young House serves over 700 children and families. In addition to residential treatment programs for troubled kids and for those with substance abuse problems, we provide care for foster children, in-home counseling for entire families, sexual abuse treatment, counseling and prevention programs designed to assist families and teens. Many of those served are court ordered, while others voluntarily seek our services. All want a better quality of life and they’re willing to take a chance.

Yes, we do all of that and even more. We're able to do so much, so effectively, because we spend our resources wisely and because there is so much value in what we do. Growing number of children and families who need our help, and your support is critical in our efforts to continue to improve the lives of children.

What ways are there to get involved.




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