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Youth Monitoring Outreach

Youth Monitoring Outreach provides intensive guidance and monitoring of adolescents involved with Juvenile Court Services. The goals of the program are to maintain client accountability and positive behavior.

Enhanced Outreach
Enhanced Outreach provides in-home services including individual and family counseling, skill development and supervision to adolescents involved with Juvenile Court Services.

ACT Day Treatment
ACT Day Treatment started in 1995 is an after school program that focuses on teaching and building skills such as anger management, coping, social skills and communication. A critical part of Day Treatment is individual and family counseling. The program provides a structured schedule including meals, chores and community service projects. Referrals are made from Juvenile Court Services and the Department of Human Services.

Community Service/Restitution
Community Service/Restitution provides supervision and work opportunities for youth who are sentenced to community restitution hours by either the Juvenile Court Officer or a Court Judge. Brief on site counseling/mentoring services while the youth are engaged in community service to increase their awareness of the consequences of their actions and the impact on others and the community is also provided.




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