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   Young House Family Services Fairfield School Program serves children with issues of mental health, emotional and behavioral disorders, delinquency, disruptive and/or aggressive behaviors, and substance abuse. Many of these students are currently, have been previously, or are at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile court system. Our school program is designed for disruptive and/or aggressive students who are extremely disruptive to the regular classroom and/or display behaviors that are a threat to themselves or to others. Our school program is utilized when all other interventions have failed or when behaviors are so extreme that immediate removal from the classroom is warranted. Behaviors that qualify for referral include but are not limited to frequent classroom disruptions that have not responded to other interventions, physical aggression at school, bringing weapons and/or illegal substances to school, etc.

   YHFS Fairfield School Program is designed to provide specialized intervention to help referred students control their behaviors while they continue to receive academic instruction. The goal of the program is to help the students learn to manage their behaviors and make healthy decisions so that they can successfully return to their referring school district.


   YHFS Fairfield School Program will utilize skill development curriculum including but not limited to School-Connect, Youth Cross Roads, Impulse Control, Life Strategies for Teens, and Shelter Initiatives. Topics covered may include but are not limited to:

  • anger management
  • showing respect for others/authority
  • self-respect/esteem
  • responsibility/accountability
  • decision-making
  • healthy lifestyle
  • assertive communication
  • conflict resolution
  • success/life fulfillment
  • identifying/building on personal strengths
  • coping with/expressing emotions appropriately
  • citizenship/following rules/laws
  • social skills




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