Community Counseling & Outreach Services



Services are designed for crisis management and intervention, and include comprehensive assessments to evaluate the emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of each client.



Community Counseling  (Learn More...)

Community Counseling Services started in 1985 – provides individual, couples and family counseling services by licensed mental health therapists trained and experienced in providing mental health counseling. Counseling services help people come to terms with stress and conflict in their families and daily lives, work with children and adolescents who have been wounded by abuse, resolve problems associated with grief and loss and help deal with life’s unexpected events. Several locations are available including Burlington, Keokuk and the Bloomfield areas. Title 19 and some private insurances are accepted. A sliding fee scale for the Burlington office is made possible through United Way funding.

Trauma Informed Care Training  (Learn More...)

Trauma Informed Care Training started in 2012 – offers Trauma Informed Care workshops, provided by certified Trauma Informed Care Coordinators. The workshop discusses major contributors to a person’s behavior and provides information about the long-term consequences of trauma on individuals and community.

IMPACT Program and Community Closet  (Learn More...)

IMPACT (Initiating Meaningful Partnerships and Community Ties) & Community Closet started in 2012 - recognizes that extra support and provisions are needed to assist families with healing and achieving safety, stability and well-being. The goals of the program are to assist families in connecting to services, programs and community resources, while striving to build community partnerships for donations and volunteer opportunities. Through their advocacy for the family, the IMPACT staff can also assist with identifying basic and immediate needs of food, clothing and shelter that may be barriers to the family’s ability to engage in therapeutic services. Although it is a need for therapeutic services which brings an individual or family to Young House Family Services, we often discover that the absence of daily essentials can lead to behavior problems, isolation, social anxiety, and clinical depression. It can be difficult to engage in services when there is worry about food and shelter. To meet this need, YHFS has established the Community Closet, which is utilized by agency staff to assist children and families receiving counseling and support services through our agency.

Located at the central office in Burlington, the Community Closest is stocked with basic needs items, including hats, mittens, socks, blankets, basic hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.), diapers, wipes, baby formula, laundry soap, and cleaning supplies. Every week Young House Family Services receives dozens of referrals for children and families in our community who are living without basic need items. These basic need items include food, bedding/furniture, cleaning supplies, baby/infant items, hygiene products, medical supplies, etc.. The Young House Family Services IMPACT Program utilizes the Community Closet which is designed to help families access the resources they need. The Community Closet is supported through monetary and item donations.

Building Bridges "A Southeast Iowa Initiative" (Learn More...)

Building Bridges "A Southeast Iowa Initiative" started in 2015 – is not a program. It is the community uniting to impact the futures of our neighbors and friends who are caught trying to survive in the daily struggles of poverty. It focuses on getting to know one another as we work together to create a sustainable community in which all people get to write their future stories. This Southeast Iowa initiative uses the constructs of “Bridges Out Of Poverty, which breaks poverty down into a simple definition, "Poverty is the degree to which people do without the 11 key resources they need to live sustainable lives."

Van Buren School Based Counseling Services

Van Buren School Based Counseling Services started in 2011 – provides mental health consultation, assessment, diagnosis and related follow up services by licensed mental health professionals to Van Buren School District students who are identified and referred by school staff.


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