Family Stabilization Services

Young House Family Services addresses the emergency needs of low-income individuals and households each year by providing Family Stabilization Services. These services are intended to help families achieve the greatest degree of economic self-sufficiency and family well-being possible.

Building Bridges

"A Southeast Iowa Initiative"

Building Bridges is not a program. It focuses on getting to know one another as we work together to create a sustainable community in which all people get to write their future stories.
The key is... "We are All In This Together"

What is Building Bridges?
This is a community uniting to impact the futures of our neighbors and friends who are caught trying to survive in the daily struggles of poverty. This Southeast Iowa initiative uses the constructs of “Bridges Out Of Poverty", which breaks poverty down into a simple definition.

Poverty is the degree to which people do without the 11 key resources they need to live sustainable lives.
Bridges helps a community address, create and make those 11 key resources available to all people in all ways.

Who is involved?
Currently, many businesses, organizations, churches and schools are involved in this process, including Southeastern Community College. Building Bridges is represented in almost every place in our area and it has one goal. We are committed to working together as one community “army” that impacts the lives of all people in our area.

What does Building Bridges look like?
Building Bridges takes many forms and has many opportunities to make a difference.

What Is It?
An opportunity to explore the world through the lens of economic class and develop your own future story.

What Do I Do?
Work in groups to investigate your life and develop a plan for your future.

What Will I Learn?
• “Hidden rules of class”
• Resources everyone needs
• How to move toward a sustainable future

Who Should Attend?
Any person who finds themselves caught in the struggles of poverty.

Recent Getting Ahead Graduates were asked, “Would you recommend Getting Ahead to others, and if so –why?”
“Yes. Because it helped me a lot and opened doors for me that I didn't know were there for me."
”This class was a great experience for me and everything I learned I will carry with me always.”
“I’ve learned that the world is for everyone!”

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