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    The Christamore Family Treatment Center provides treatment services for at-risk adolescents and their families. These adolescents have experienced delinquent, behavioral, or emotional problems, which require a structured treatment environment. We have responded to this need by providing multiple treatment services within the same facility. All of these programs are designed to accommodate the needs of both male and female clients ages 11-17. The facility is located in a rural setting on five acres of land east of Mount Pleasant.


Residential Program

    Comprehensive level of 24-hour care. There is a structured daily program from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. Our residential program has bed space for 16 residents. Residents attend school on-campus, and the educational program will accommodate clients with special educational needs. Psychiatric services, including medication management, are provided on-site. All other medical needs are met through service providers within the community. The treatment needs of our clients may include mental health issues, substance abuse, grief issues, behavior disorders, and sexual and physical abuse issues. Treatment services include intensive skill development to teach clients skills such as anger management, coping skills, social skills, etc., as well as individual, family and group therapy. Residents are referred to the Residential Program by a DHS Social Worker or a Juvenile Court Officer.

Treatment Timeframes

    The length of treatment will vary according to the unique needs of the client and his/her family as determined by the intake assessment and ongoing evaluation.

    Residential Programs are designed to be individualized within a 180 day timeframe. In some cases, the client may be able to complete the program within 3 months; some clients may take up to 6 months. The philosophy of this program requires parental involvement where the family is seen as a partner in the treatment process. Progress through treatment is set by individual clients and their commitment to change.

Education Services

    Residents of the program have access to on-campus classrooms. The educational program will accommodate clients with identified special education needs. Our students are enrolled through the Mt. Pleasant Community School District. Consultation with the local Area Education Agency assists in making educational decisions. A regular education classroom is available which allows for adolescents to be mainstreamed and prepared to be returned to their community. Educational field trips, career exploration, and hands-on learning are key components to programming.

Aftercare Services

    After the adolescent has completed the program, the adolescent and family may be involved in services which are designed to meet the specific needs of each family and child. The purpose of aftercare is to help facilitate changes that occurred while the adolescent was in residential treatment and to assist the adolescent and family in being self-sufficient and no longer in need of services.

School Program

    Young House Family Services' School Program for Disruptive and Agressive Students provides specialized, short term intervention to help referred students control their behaviors while they continue to receive academic instruction. The goal of the program is to help students learn to manage their behaviors and make healthy decisions so that they can successfully return to the classroom. The average length of placement in the program is 9 - 12 weeks.

The program has two components:

The Educational Component includes the following:

  • Academic instruction designed to accommodate the individualized needs of each student. All Young House School Program instructors are certified teachers.
  • The School Program operates on a level system. When a student progresses through the level system, Young House personnel will schedule a staffing to discuss transitioning the student back to the home school classroom.

The Treatment Component includes the following:

  • On-site Young House staff provides supervision, skill development, crisis intervention, and behavior management.
  • Young House staff facilitates daily skill development groups to teach skills such as anger management, communication, relationship building, substance abuse prevention, etc.
  • Young House staff provides ongoing classroom monitoring and crisis intervention, including redirection and progressive intervention. All staff are trained in non-violent crisis intervention using the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Model.

Behavioral Criteria

    Young House Family Services' School Program for Disruptive and Agressive Students provides an alternative for middle and high school students who are extremely disruptive to the classroom or display behaviors that are a threat to themselves or to others.

Behaviors that might meet the criteria for refferal to the School Program include:

  • violent behaviors; self-harm;
  • destruction of property,
  • threats towards others or to property, including verbal threats as well as possesions of weapons;
  • extremely disruptive behaviors that interfere with the learning of the student, as well as other students.

    Placement in the School Program is appropriate when all other interventions have failed or when behaviors are so extreme that immediate removal from the classroom is warranted. The School Program may also be utilizedas a Designated-Number-of -Days program for students who have been expelled or suspended.

    School or AEA personnel will make an initial referral to Young House. Young House personnel work closely with the reffering school and AEA throughout the process of intake, placement and transition back to the classroom.

Christamore has experienced tremendous growth in our School Programs over the last few years. We have several kids that are private pay by schools or individuals. Christamore Family Treatment Center is a program of Young House Family Services, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We rely heavily on the generosity of United Way, grants, and our community for on-going needs.

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