Young House Family Services has provided services to children and families since 1971, and is located in Burlington, Iowa.

The Adult & Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) offers outpatient treatment to individuals in need of substance abuse services in southeastern Iowa. We currently have two offices, one in Burlington and the other in Mt. Pleasant, but can provide services in other locales. Services can also be provided in your child’s school during non-academic times.

We believe that alcohol and chemical addictions are diseases, and we utilize a treatment model which builds upon the 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. All services are based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Iowa Department of Transportation OWI Assessments are $125.00 (cash only), and must be paid before the assessment. Department of Transportation affiliated partnering.




¨    The length and intensity of outpatient treatment varies for each client based on their needs.

¨    Individual outpatient sessions are included in treatment and the frequency of sessions is based on individualized treatment needs.

¨    Group outpatient sessions are available and assist clients with understanding and accountability.

¨    Family outpatient groups are available to enhance family communication and relationships.

¨    It is an expectation of ASAP that clients comply with random Urinalysis (UA) tests to screen for the use of illegal drugs. Ongoing drug screening monitors a client’s compliance with the recovery process.





ASAP utilizes several funding streams including Medicaid, some private insurance and private pay arrangements. Our staff will work with you and your payment source to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.


¨    All Substance Abuse Treatment Services are provided by Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselors (CADC).

¨    ASAP believes that families are an essential part of the recovery process, and families are considered an important part of the Treatment Team. Families are encouraged to be a part of and participate in all steps of the treatment process.


Each client we work with is unique, but we recognize that most have experienced the great struggle that comes with addictions. Some have utilized many treatment options without success, and many families are frustrated and discouraged.

Our desire is to give you hope as we help you to begin the process of recovery.


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